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3 Reading Intervention Programs for Making Literacy Gains

Mar 1, 2022 5:00:00 AM / by EdCuration Staff Writer


Elementary Education Leaners Are Struggling with Literacy

A recent PACE study found that reading fluency had fallen 30% from previous benchmarks for second and third graders. Between ongoing interruptions in learning, challenges with remote instruction, and added stress on families and students, literacy skills have suffered for many learners. In addition, it’s estimated that hundreds of thousands of students skipped Kindergarten or attended 100% remotely, potentially missing out on early literacy awareness skills.

The solution? Reading intervention programs for all students. By exploring a variety of reading intervention solutions to support all struggling students, including special education and English language learners, teachers can get learners back on track towards literacy success this school year.
Explore three of our favorite K-5 reading intervention programs below.

Reading Intervention Program 1: Education Galaxy

Through their innovative online assessment, practice and instruction platform, Education Galaxy helps students improve academic performance aligned to your state’s standards in all core subject areas, including literacy and language arts. In fact, Education Galaxy users saw a six-point average increase on state test scores, all while students remained engaged in learning.

Education Galaxy is a reading intervention program
Explore how adaptive interventions, like Education Galaxy’s programs, can boost student outcomes.

Reading Intervention Program 2: STORYWORLD

STORYWORLD for English Learners focuses on language acquisition and literacy skills through stories. English language learners or any struggling reader can utilize the digital stories to listen to language and visualize words through engaging narratives. Individual students or small groups in PK-12 classrooms can benefit from STORYWORLD.

STORYWORLD is a reading intervention program for PK-12Listen as two veteran educators share their success with STORYWORLD on the EdCuration podcast.

Reading Intervention Program 3: Express Readers

Express Readers is a reading program created for all PK-2 students with a special focus on supporting diverse learners. Through their engaging, teacher-created resources, students find joy in the reading process as teachers foster skills that build lifelong readers. This program can be utilized for entire classrooms, individual students or small groups.

Express Readers is a reading intervention program for PK-2
Check out this free microlearning course on decodable books to create stronger readers.

EdCuration’s mission is to pair educators with the right resources to impact learning within their schools and districts. By curating innovative, impactful solutions, we help educators get better products in their classrooms, faster.

Explore more reading intervention programs and other literacy solutions for you district, school or classroom in our EdCuration marketplace.


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