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5 Benefits of Summer Pilots for K-12 Schools

Jun 20, 2024 8:41:15 AM / by EdCuration Staff Writer

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Integrating edtech into K-12 schools has become increasingly vital for enhancing the learning experience. But how do you know if the edtech you’re considering is right for your students, fits with your curriculum, and helps achieve your school’s learning goals? One effective approach to ensure the successful implementation of new technologies is through piloting. The start of the school year is no time to try to implement new edtech, however. Conducting EdTech pilots during the summer offers unique advantages for teachers and school administrators, including:

Uninterrupted Focus and Time

During summer break, teachers and administrators have more time to focus on evaluating new edtech software so that they can spend more time exploring the functionality and efficacy of the product.

Professional Development Opportunities

There is often time during the summer for teachers to not only pilot new edtech but gain hands-on experience with it. By doing so, teachers re start the year adept at using the selected edtech. Discover more professional development opportunities

Improved Planning and Integration

Conducting summer pilots for new edtech allows educators to see how the technology fits within the existing curriculum. They can plan lessons and activities that integrate the new tools seamlessly, ensuring a smoother transition when school resumes.

Reduced Stress and Resistance

Trying out new technology during the school year can be stressful for teachers, who are already managing a full workload. Summer pilots reduce this pressure, allowing educators to experiment without the fear of impacting their regular teaching responsibilities.

Time to Troubleshoot Technical Issues

Conducting pilots during the summer allows teachers and administrators more time to identify and resolve any technical issues before it’s rolled out to the students. IT staff can work on any problems that arise, ensuring that the technology is fully functional and reliable by the time students return.

Conducting EdTech pilots during the summer offers a range of benefits that contribute to the successful integration of new technologies in schools.

Many EdCuration EdTech Vendors Offer Pilot Programs

Boclips Classroom offers educators access to 2.2 million safe and distraction-free educational videos, curated by curriculum and state standards. They offer a pilot program through EdCuration to assess teacher workflows and student engagement.

Knowledge Matters offers their Virtual Business (VB) High School simulations in a micro-pilot format. The VB simulations are browser-based, online business simulations that provide you with an interactive curriculum

Agile Mind offers a three-month pilot of their Academic Youth Dev elopement program, a research based SEL program that helps teachers and students build effective SEL skills.

Unlock zero-prep, high-impact learning with Heroes Made, an SEL and literacy platform with more than 210 lessons, a mood tracker, and customizable avatars. Heroes Made offers schools the opportunity to explore for free with full access for one month.

To learn more about the edtech programs available through EdCuration, visit https://edcuration.com/.


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