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A Guide to Using Stimulus Funding for Instructional Resources

Mar 10, 2021 12:48:13 PM / by EdCuration Staff Writer

A Guide to Using Stimulus Funding for Instructional Resources Blog Image

In December 2020, nearly $54 billion of additional stimulus funding was made available from the U.S. Department of Education to support schools in a variety of ways. From Covid safety, to digital connectivity, to learning loss, districts across the country have significant flexibility in how the majority of these funds can be used. 

While the majority of the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds will be reserved for Title I schools, the use is broad and can support the need to find instructional resources to support student needs.


Allowable needs under ESSER that support instructional resource procurement include:

  • Any allowable activity under ESEA, IDEA, Adult Education, Perkins CTE;
  • Running summer and supplemental learning programs;
  • Addressing learning loss;
  • Running assessments;
  • Activities for supporting special populations including low-income students, students with disabilities, English learners, racial and ethnic minorities, students experiencing homelessness, and foster care students;
  • Any activity that addresses the needs of individual schools.

When it comes to stimulus funding, you must not delay. This one-time funding must be used or it will be lost.

The good news? Finding the curriculum products aligned to ESSER funding to support your needs has never been easier. EdCuration’s curriculum marketplace can help you find the instructional resources that meet the needs of your students quickly. Using the innovative curriculum marketplace, educators can search, find, and compare instructional resources, all before connecting with vendors to learn more about pricing and pilot opportunities.

Whether you are looking to address learning loss, support high-need populations, enhance your assessment programming, or looking for other supplemental summer or after school resources, the stimulus funding allows you to purchase resources your district needs for student learning in 2021 and beyond. You can find these resources at in EdCuration's marketplace.

Want to take your learning even further? Join us on April 13th for a webinar, From Learning Loss to Learning Recovery: Accessing Stimulus Funding for Student Success.

Learn more about these programs that specifically address learning loss:


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