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With over 35 years of dedicated work in the field of education, Stephanie lends her expertise regarding district administration, professional learning, teacher and leader development, and how to demonstrate value to vendors of instructional products, resources & tools.

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ExPLorations Meet the Need for Just in Time, Asynchronous, Curriculum-Based Professional Learning

Jun 16, 2021 9:04:53 PM / by Stephanie Hirsch posted in EdCuration, School Leadership


Each year more educators become familiar with the growing research that shows a direct link between the quality of instructional materials in classrooms and student achievement.1 The findings are pretty compelling drawing attention to the fact that  merely shifting from poor quality to higher quality materials can be a “game changer” for some students.2 Providing professional learning for using such materials is equally powerful and important.3  Getting higher quality instructional materials into the hands of all teachers and providing them the support essential to implement them well and appropriate for their students is one critical way to address equity issues in schools today.

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