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CTE and CCR EdTech Solutions

Apr 18, 2024 7:58:33 AM / by EdCuration Staff Writer

CTE and CCR edtech

The needs of the workforce have changed drastically in the past decade, and schools are seeking college and career readiness (CCR) and career and technical education (CTE) solutions to help give students an advantage. Luckily, there are many different CCR and CTE options available to help prepare students for the future. From the soft skills they need to cope with drastic change to integrating edtech into the classroom, the future of learning is filled with opportunity.

Featured EdTech: CTE and CCR Solutions Available for Your Students

We are so fortunate to have such a wide variety of edtech solutions available to serve our schools. These are just a few of the many CTE and CCR solutions available.

Your Hot Job by Time for Kids

Your Hot Job helps students build skills and explore career opportunities while giving educators to track student progress and engagement. This free product is designed to give students insight into the future career path opportunities they might have.

GG4L’s Certified School Passport Administrator Internship

The Certified School Passport Administrator Internship (CSPA) is a 60-hour remote internship for high school students that helps prepare them for a career in enterprise software support. The skills they gain from the internship are the kind of modern skills needed in today’s tech-focused environment.


Xello’s career development program provides districts with age appropriate career development materials that sustain and grow with the student throughout their education, starting in kindergarten. From building a meaningful foundation in the early education years to helping older students meet the college and career requirements of the future, Xello equips all students with the knowledge, real-world skills, and planning capabilities to navigate their future.

Sam Labs

Sam Labs provides integrated STEAM lessons for K-8 students to help them build a solid foundation that improves their career readiness. The lessons help students recognize patterns used in machine learning and AI, preparing them for an AI-driven future.

Ori Learning

Ori Learning is a unique CTE and CCR solution focused on providing career readiness support to students with special needs. Transitioning is one of the most challenging milestones for students on an IEP, but Ori Learning helps ensure that their transition plan includes well-defined IEP goals that help students develop critical skills needed for college, career, and community success.

The employment landscape will continue to change and as schools seek innovative solutions to help prepare students for college and the careers of the future, edtech can be a powerful addition to any curriculum. If you’re looking for solutions to help your students or have an edtech product you’d like to add to our catalog, visit https://edcuration.com/.

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