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Teaching Coding Through Physical Activity and Fun

Feb 24, 2021 2:14:12 PM / by EdCuration Staff Writer

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Coding is being incorporated into elementary and middle school classrooms to inspire new ways of thinking and arm students with necessary CTE skills. According to code.org, as of 2019, almost all 50 states have passed laws mandating CS be taught in K12.  To meet this need, Unruly Splats is becoming one of the most in-demand coding solutions in K-8 schools and is the only all-access K-8 STEM platform that combines coding with movement. Unruly Splats is run by experts in cognitive science, toy manufacturing, education, and technology with the vision of building fun learning tools and experiences for the young people who will create the future.

Splats are programmable floor buttons that students code through an app to light up, make sounds, and collect points when they are stomped on. Students use the Splats coding app on an iPad or Chromebook to create all sorts of collaborative games like relay races, whack-a-mole, and obstacle courses 

Unruly Splats Memberships are a school-wide STEM teaching system that combines cross-curricular coding with physically active games. Memberships include ongoing educator training so teachers feel confident incorporating computer science into the existing curriculum to boost engagement.

Get Unruly

Unruly Splats encourages social and emotional learning (SEL) as students work collaboratively to create their own active games. Unruly Splats is also intuitive, for both teachers and students, and easy to learn--in fact, teachers who have never coded before themselves find it simple to understand.

“We engage kids in learning experiences to build resiliency to thrive in tomorrow’s world,” said Marisa Labadini from Unruly Splats. “Students are motivated by collaboration and competition which naturally happens through playing games. With Splats, students are co-creating games together, which bolsters their social and self-management skills, as well as fuels a feeling of inclusion and community. All while they’re learning a valuable skill.”

Another unique feature of Unruly Splats is that it is cross-curricular. Educators at any institution can easily use it in all subject areas: P.E., math, library, English, social studies, science and music. In fact, it becomes a consistent part of the day through and through.

According to K-6 Educational Technology Specialist Michael Fricano II, Unruly Splats provides a group environment that drives collaboration and interactivity. “Coding in small groups not only gives my students ownership but gets them working as a team to create awesome games together,” says Fricano II.

“It’s addictive,” says Library Media Specialist Deb Dixon. “Once you start, your kids will want to use it all the time.”

Coding for a Cause: Stomp Madness

Through the month of March, Unruly Splats is hosting a student-centered “Stomp Madness” event. For every stomp on a Splat in the month of March, we will donate one penny to Kaboom!, a national nonprofit that works to end playspace inequity. Their goal is 300,000 stomps! All it takes to participate is to have an active membership with Unruly Splats!. Learn more about Stomp Madness.


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