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Dec 15, 2020 10:28:00 PM / by Timeri Tolnay, CEO


While we are all excited to put 2020 behind us, EdCuration has some new things in store for 2021 that make the transition to the new year even more exciting. We have designed new programming to benefit everyone involved in making curriculum and instruction decisions on behalf of K-12 education. The first is the launch of this blog.

EdCuration’s Blog

Our content writers are busy reporting the impact that intentional instructional decisions are having on student learning. This includes the impact of specific professional development efforts, policy changes, curriculum adoptions, and the use of particular instructional products, resources, or tools. Our blog is hosted here and new articles will be shared weekly in our newsletter, Impactful Learning.


On January 10th a new industry newsletter will launch: Impactful Learning. The purpose of Impactful Learning is to provide K-12 educators a resource for staying apprised of what is making the biggest difference in student learning across the country.  Here we will be sharing stories about High-Quality Instruction, Impactful Professional Learning, Education Leadership, and Learning Innovation - and even posting job opportunities related to curriculum and instruction. We will release these every Sunday morning, so you can catch up on educational news during your Sunday morning routine or anytime over the course of that week. 

The Role of EdCuration

EdCuration is a matchmaking site to bring together K-12 educators and vendors of supplemental instructional resources. It is designed to save curriculum committees at schools and districts time and to help educational leaders get better learning programs into classrooms faster to increase student success.

Our marketplace provides an online platform where educators can learn about new instructional resources, but we have other programs in place to help with this discovery as well.  


The first in our podcast, EdCuration: Where Teachers Talk Curriculum. You can subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts to keep apprised of the national conversation regarding which instructional resources are making a difference in schools across the country.

We also have two new programs in development for the coming year that I’m excited to announce.


Our ExPLorations are asynchronous, micro-learning experiences designed to help educators learn practices to level up their instruction. Attendance certificates are provided to participants that can be used for recertification purposes.

The EdTrustee Program

This program is a way for educators to form significant relationships with providers of instructional products, resources, and tools. EdCuration will onboard 250 Trustees this year. Trustees are educational leaders who have the authority to pilot a new instructional program in their classroom or to organize a pilot in their school or district.  Trustees are trained on how best to evaluate the success of a pilot in order to provide feedback to program developers. Trustees are recognized for their important contribution to the field, receive certifications and badges for their participation, and discover new career pathways in curriculum and instruction.

Together, we will ensure 2021 is brighter than 2020. EdCuration will continue to work hard to curate the best instructional resources for your teaching and learning needs so you can get the materials that you need into learning environments faster.

Happy New Year!

Timeri Tolnay
CEO, EdCuration

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Timeri Tolnay, CEO

Written by Timeri Tolnay, CEO

As a career educator, Timeri became an edupreneur in 2008 to help start a curriculum and professional development company which she launched, grew and eventually sold. In 2019 she launched EdCuration to bring a match-making marketplace to the education industry to help educators more easily identify the high-quality instructional resources that they need, and to get better learning materials into classrooms, faster.

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